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Professional Garage Door Lubricant
Fall is here! With the new season comes a reminder that a few maintenance items need to be done around the house. One of the most important is ensureing you look over and maintain your garage door. It's the largest and heaviest moving object in most homes, so why wouldn't you spend a few minutes to ensure it is in good working order?
At least twice a year (although you can't do it too often), you should inspect the garage door component, lubricate all moving parts and test the safety sensors.

When inspecting your door, look for potential problems such as rusted or frayed cables, broken hinges, loose fasteners etc. Operate your door manually then listen and feel for unsual resistance or noises. Test the balance (it should stop half way open and stay there).
Once your inspection is done, clean your door of any dust and debris to keep it from building up and getting into the bearings and rollers.
Lubricate the door by generously spraying a high quiality lubricant on all moving parts (rollers, hinges, bearings, pulleys and springs. Do not spray your tracks! We sell high quality garage door lubricant to our customers upon request!

Finally conduct tests of the safety reversing system by breaking the photo eye beam. Test the reverse pressure sensor by putting a 2x4 under the door and closing it, and make sure your emergency disconnect engages/ disengages properly. 

If all of this sounds overwheleming or you simply don't have the time, give us a call, text or e-mail and we would be happy to conduct a seasonal maintance which includes an custom inspection with report delivered to your email.

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